Are organic skincare products good?

Organic, natural, or cold-pressed are the buzz words in today’s time. With all the talk in the town, it may be confusing to choose your skin or hair care product. There are suspicions about the safety of traditional products and doubts regarding the competence of organic products. There is blissful denial on one side and continual worry on the other.

So! Are organic products any good? Do they work? Should you spend your money on them?

Our answer? ABSOLUTELY!

But how so?

Say goodbye to irritation

Conventional skin care products often come with artificial colors, fragrances, and other fillers that can cause skin allergies including irritation, redness, and even breakouts. While one may be allergic to organic products too, the effect on your skin is far less than those of chemical products.

Safer over time

The preservatives, sulfates, and parabens found in traditional products slowly seep into your skin over time causing multiple ailments. Research has shown that sulfates and parabens are one of the major reasons for breast and other types of cancer.

Care from inside out

Unlike slathering toxins on your skin, applying natural products on your skin may have more benefits that what is visible to the naked eye. Vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, etc. are absorbed into your skin while increasing collagen production, improving oxygen, and repairing the damage.

Safer fragrance

Commercial products need to be a hit. They need to be mass-attractive for the companies to make a profit. The not so humble tactics used by these companies are fragrances. If the product can smell amazing, it can be sold even without its benefits. The result? Only more chemicals. Luckily, organic products have a more authentic, fresher smell of nature.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The record levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is a thing to be worried about. It can only mean death and destruction to us and our fellow beings. Research has time and again proven the destruction to life due to the increased levels of CO2 and other gases. The pharma and cosmeceutical industry contributes to nearly half of the world’s pollution. Our simple solution? Switch to organic products to have a better footprint on nature.

They work better

There are only rumors regarding the competence and working of natural products. They work. Period!

In fact, Ayurveda has been one of India’s oldest sciences and is touted to be the sole reason behind the brilliant life expectancy of Indians for ages. It deals exclusively with the products readily available to us from nature.

No strange side-effects

The synthetic ingredients used in conventional products are the main reason for skin allergies and other diseases. Organic products are developed without any pesticides or fertilizers which ensures that the final product is free of any form of toxic contamination.

When you buy organic products from Scala Organics, you are also helping to abolish animal testing and other forms of cruelty since our products do not leave any harmful footprint on the soil, water, or air.

We hope that this has helped you determine how organic products are good for you. Better yet, we hope that we have cleared your woes about how we can also be environmentally friendly by using organic health-care products.

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