What Are Safest Shampoos to Use?

If there is something we all love (or hate) unconditionally, it is our hair. We all have our own unique hair that we either want to better or continue to keep better. Different hair types demand different types of care and concern. Different hair types also mean different shampoos. You all need different shampoos to take care of your own hair type.

But, are all these shampoos safe? Is there one shampoo that is the safest for any type of hair there is?

Let’s find out!

Here are a few strict no-haves for whenever you choose to buy a shampoo suitable for your hair. The safest shampoo would be the one that is free of the following.


Your everyday grocery store shampoo is nothing but soap filled with different chemicals which foams like there is no tomorrow. Most of your shampoos have toxins that you otherwise do not require in your shampoo. For example, surfactants added only to create lots of foam to give you a satisfying feeling of freshness. One should understand that more foam does not mean more cleaning.


Sodium lauryl or sodium Laureth sulfates are two names on your ingredient lists that you strictly want to avoid. They are used as high-power preservatives or enhancers used in your shampoo to prolong its life-time or give you a false feeling of its effectiveness. Time and again, they’ve been known to cause cancer and other skin ailments.


Parabens are used in your shampoos as a preservative. They allow your shampoo to last for months and maybe even years. They’ve been known to slowly seep into your skin and ultimately your body causing hormonal disruptions, cancer, and other issues.

Artificial fragrances

Just to top it up, some more chemicals are pumped into your shampoo as fragrances. You don’t want your shampoo to be smelling like a chemistry lab which is why manufacturers pump massive amounts of artificial fragrances into your shampoos.

Petroleum products

Paraffin wax, mineral oil, benzene, toluene, etc. are some of the most pervasive petroleum products in shampoos. It has been proven that these products often readily penetrate the skin and cause cancers. These products are kidney toxins, neurotoxins, and respiratory toxins. The surprising fact is that so many beauty products including shampoos are not restricted by government safety standards.

Scala Organics urges you to use shampoos that are free of the aforementioned ingredients. Any shampoo wary of the chemicals mentioned above or just any chemicals are the ‘safest’ shampoos to use. Chemicals are not only bad for your hair, skin, and body, but they also have a massive carbon footprint on the earth.

Similar to conventional products, organic, all-natural products do provide the same and better benefits for your hair. Scala Organics has a wide range of shampoos that are delicately developed by using different blends of organic ingredients to provide nourishment to all kinds of hair types.

As a rejoice, the shampoos at Scala Organics are free of any chemicals whatsoever. They also have a more natural, soothing smell of essential oils.

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